Nando Adjuvants are used to enhance the activity of herbicides, fungicides, growth regulators and insecticides and to ensure that every drop is used to best effect.

Wetters and Spreaders.

Wetters work by reducing surface tension between spray droplets and the target surface being sprayed resulting in more active ingredient coming into contact. Using both wetters and spreaders results better uptake by the target organism, which can mean pesticide dose rates can be reduced.


Nando products contain some of the most technologically advanced penetrants available, enabling them to take active ingredients through the protective layers and barriers in a plant to where they can perform their role effectively. These advance penetrants does not harm for the crop and can achieve results safely.

Other adjuvants

Nando produces a variety of other type of adjuvant, which can be applied for de-foaming, water acidification and softening or sticking. De-foaming agents give fast, effective and economical control of foaming during spray tank filling. Stickers can play different roles, from holding a pesticide in a place on a leaf to preventing pod shatter and seed loss in crops such as oilseed rape.