Nando Agri Sticker

Mixture of trisiloxane and acrylate polymer for contact pesticides and anti-shattering agent

As a tank mix adjuvant for contact pesticides:

  • Increases the sticking, spreading and the uptake of the sprayed drops, this determines the increased efficacy of actives of the solution Acrylate polymer forms microfilm that ensures the contact of the contact pesticides
  • Acrylate polymer forms microfilm that improves rainfastness of the solution
  • Works as drift retardant – reduces share of driftable droplets with any nozzle type

Dose rate: 125–250 ml/ha

As an anti-shattering agent for pod crops:

  • Trisiloxane surfactant increases the sticking of the solution and ensures the smooth coverage of the siliques
  • Acrylate polymer forms microfilm that strengthens the siliques and prevents the spontaneous shattering and seed losses
  • Acrylate polymer film permits the moisture transpiration from silique and prevents the access of moisture to siliques, this leads to uniform desiccation of siliques and seeds
  • May be used in combination with glyphosates and desiccants

Application time BBCH 81 – 85: 10 – 50 % rape seeds are black and firm, siliques do not open when they are bent to U shape

Dose rate: 400 ml/ha