Nando Conditioner

Water acidifyer, softener and sticker

Strong water acidifier

with pH colour indicator. Colour change allows to measure pH of the solution without pH-meter:

Some of the pesticides actives are stable in acidic conditions. This means that in neutral (pH 7) and in alkaline conditions (pH>7) these chemicals are broken down and their efficacy decreases.

Preparing working solutions with this type of chemicals first water should be acidified till pH 5 – 6.

Water softener

Hard water is water that contains calcium Ca2+ and magnesium Mg2+ ions

Concentration as CaCO3, mg/l:
0 – 60 Soft water
60 – 120 Moderatory hard water
120 – 180 Hard water
>180 Very hard water


Nando Conditioner neutralises negative calcium Ca2+ and magnesium Mg2+ ions effect of pesticide performance.

Wetting and spreading agent

sprayed droplets bounce of less from the plants surface, sticks better and this leads to better pesticides performance.

Tank cleaner

Slightly acidic water used for every spraying procedure prevents limescale formation in the nozzles ant filters

Continued used Nando Conditioner will help to keep spray tanks, nozzles and filters clean, this determines uniform spraying

Dose rate:

Water pH Conditioner rate, g(per 100 L of water to regulate pH till 5,5)
9 100
8,5 90
8 80
7,5 70
7 60
6,5 50
6 40