JSC „Nando” is the Lithuanian-capital enterprise, which started its activity in 2006. JSC „Nando” developing and producing tank mix adjuvants and microbial products for agriculture.

Tank mix adjuvants help farmers to optimize the use of plant protection products and fertilizers that are applied through leaves or sprayed directly on the soil. Products facilitate mixing procedures, increase pesticides efficacy, protect spraying equipment from limescale formation.

Nando suggests microbial-based bio stimulants that stimulate plants to achieve their highest growth and yield potential. The use of bio stimulants along with fertilizers could reduce chemical fertilizer use to a large extent and as much as 50 % as they supplement the soil with essential nutrients.

Since 2014 JSC „Nando” started new project: it has been organising maize grits and flour production and distribution. Maize hybrids growing for grains in Lithuania climate zone is still challenging and undeveloped field. JSC „Nando” contributes to this process by investing in manufacture technologies and maze hybrids field trials.

JSC „Nando” not only operates in Lithuania, but has also developed exports to other countries.