Nando has a unique in-house product research and development laboratory equipment in the Baltic countries. Before being placed on the  market, all products tested by the company for at least three years. The laboratory (including greenhouses), targeted testing and production field trials are organized, until the most effective formulation of each product is developed. All products are created for a specific application in arable farming and for different climatic zones. Tests with herbicides, fungicides, insecticides and biopesticides are conducted in collaboration with research partners (scientific research centers and universities).

Usage of bio stimulants is the future of agriculture

Nando is actively working in bio stimulants area. The company set up a dedicated micro-biologists team and opened a microbiological laboratory. Three products were already placed into the market but in the near future the number of new products and a variety of new combinations will be significantly increased.

We know what we sell

Nando laboratory facilities can evaluate all the most important adjuvants characteristics in the most accurate manner: surface tension, static and dynamic surface tension, wetting angle, etc. The combination of unique facilities and highly qualified researchers is the key factor of Nando product success.