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For maximum nitrogen absorption - biologically activated “Azotas B6”

Monday, 2019 February 18
azotas kaina

New biologically activated ammonium nitrate fertilizer was introduced in the Lithuanian market and successfully tested by the farmers. They compared the efficiency of simple and activated ammonium nitrate fertilizers in their fields, we're happy to observe the obvious differences.

In exhausted soils - fertilization challenges

Soil quality plays a key role for farmers to maintain and increase their commercial potential and farm productivity. While farming intensively, soil quality and natural potential are reduced. That is why, year after year, more and more fertilizers are needed to achieve the same result. That turns into a never-ending circle: for better harvesting, more fertilizers are used, thus increasing soil erosion, which means amplifying the amount of fertilizer. In order to avoid this, it is necessary to improve the uptake of fertilizers and their use for plants vegetation. Recently, the introduction of biological products, especially nitrogen-fixing micro-organisms intake to the soil, has become increasingly important, but the use of these preparations still poses major challenges for farmers, meaning the lack of knowledge about technical specifications and consumption.

Biological and mineral fertilizers can work together

Biological and chemical worlds should not be separated – it’s better to unit them for maximum farming productivity. For this reason, a new line of mineral fertilizers enriched with microorganisms was created and presented to Lithuanian farms. Company “Nando” developed this technology and applied it in cooperation with the company Belor.
First presented to the market is ammonium nitrate fertilizer “Azotas B6, which is enriched with phosphorus and sulfur-releasing microorganisms which also promote the efficient circulation of nitrogen compounds in the soil. The intake of microorganisms with ammonium nitrate fertilizers into the soil ensures the balance of the most important growth agents, soil biological activity, faster plant vegetation, and higher yields.

Nitrogen uptake - up to 30% more efficient

Experiments in outdoor conditions showed that in the fields where the “Azotas B6 was used, during the first 30 days plants formed significantly larger roots and green mass, also a noticeably more intense green of the plants. Green mass of plants tests with “FiaLab” laboratory equipment 30-45 days after the use of activated nitrate showed that the number of nitrogen compounds in plants is several times higher than those used in conventional nitrate fertilizers. With spring drought, plants fertilized with “Azotas B6” fertilizer due to accumulated nitrogen have not lost their potential for harvesting. Farmers from different regions of Lithuania noticed obvious changes in oats and spring wheat fields.
In order to achieve scientific objectivity, the research was carried out not only in the fields of farmers but also in the Dotnuva test station.
Research conducted at the Lithuanian Center for Agrarian and Forestry Studies showed that spring wheat, which was fertilized with "Azotas B6", remained greener, healthier and larger. The green weight before harvest was 20.8% higher, which leads to a 14.5% bigger final yield.

Summer wheat at the Lithuanian Center for Agrarian and Forest Sciences, research conducted on 
2018 06 13

All research results and more information about "Azotas B6" – www.azotasb6.lt 



Summer wheat


Summer wheat