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Agriculture Products

We are manufacturers of surfactants and biological products. Our research and development center (R&D) one of the most modern in Baltic States. We are representatives of hybrid maize breeders, as well as amino acids producers in the Baltic region.



The use of surfactants offers a wide range of benefits. It prevents the wash away of fertilizers and pesticides and improves the performance of their active ingredients.


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Products for manure management

Efektyviai amoniako ir sieros junginių oksidacijai, nemalonių kvapų šalinimui, organinės medžiagos mineralizacijai.


Organic Amino Acids

The use of organic amino acids guarantees an efficient crop fertilization and stress elimination.


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It takes 1000 years to build 2,5 - 5 cm of top soil.  And it takes 30 - 40 years  for intensive farming to destroy it! 

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Maize hybrids for grain and silage growing

Our hybrids are designed to adapt to various climatic conditions, resistant to stomach ulcers, stress and diseases.

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