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Raw Materials for the Industry

JSC "Nando" ensures the supply of the highest quality raw materials and technical support to various industries.

The company works with product manufacturers from all over the world and can offer the most efficient raw materials for your business in the construction, cosmetics and manufacturing industries.

Raw materials for the food Industry

The company's customers are the largest meat and dairy processing companies in Lithuania.

For meat processors, "Nando" supplies complex flavors and functional additives, such as injection mixtures (additives), proteins, etc. for milk processors - phosphate blends for the production of proceeding cheeses, acids, enzymes and other products.

The company also offers corn flour and maize flour for various food groups.

JSC "Nando" also carries out a wholesale trade of maize corn and flour. The corn grits in all sizes are available, also the calibration of the product according to the needs of the particular customer is possible.


Raw materials for the cosmetic, pharmacy industry

We are offering more than 300 dry and liquid extracts.
Wide range of hydrolysates, bioactive molecules and other unique natural ingredients and oils for cosmetic production.

Additionally, we are offering already-made complexes of natural ingredients. You can just put it to the cream or shampoo base.

Minimal order quantity  from 1 kg.


Raw materials for building materials manufacturers

We have wide range of functional additives for dry mixes, paints adhesives and special coatings producers. We are supporting our customers with the technical info and advices for applying and introducing products  into their formulations. 
We have possibility  to use EU laboratories for testing and optimizing your formulations.