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Silicone, non-ionic surfactant

Active agent: 100% polyethermethylsiloxane copolymer and alkylalkoxylate mixture.


Product advantages


AgriWet reduces the solution’s surface tension thus improving its spreading, stickiness and plant penetration. AgriWet is used when preparing solutions containing plant protection products and microelement fertilizers.

Intended for both professional and personal use.

Application rates
Preparing and storing the solution

Outdoor cultures: 200-300 ml/ha with contact products (improves water absorption and solution’s spreading on leaves)

200-300 nl/ha with systemic products (improves water absorption, solution’s spreading on leaves as well as increases the rate at which the solution disperses within the plant).

Garden: 200-300 ml/ha.

Decorative plants: 0.02%-0.03% (at most 200 l/ha). Solution’s concentration 0.02%-0.15%.


Prepare ¾ of the pesticides and microelement fertilizers solution. Pour AgriWet and remaining water last while continuously stirring on medium intensity. Best results achieved when solution’s pH 5-8.

Ready-to-use solution must be used within 24 hours.

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