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Quickly breaks down difficult to remove foam forming in sprayers when mixing fertilizers with pesticides.


Product advantages


How AgroSpum works:

Foam is air bubbles which form when a large amount of air is mixed into a small amount of solution. This occurs when the solution has sufficient amounts of foam stabilizing agents.

The mechanics of AgroSpum foam removal:

  1. AgroSpum particles insert themselves into the foam bubbles’ film;
  2. Due to this insertion, film is torn apart;
  3. Film bursts, air leaves the bubbles and they burst.
Application rates
Preparing and storing the solution

5 – 10 ml / 100 l water.

If you are aware that a mixture being prepared usually foams, fill half of the sprayer’s tank with water, turn on mixing and add the required amount of Spuma. Following manufacturers’ recommendations, add pesticides or fertilizers. Fill the sprayer tank fully with the remaining amount of water; mix continuously. 

If foam forms unexpectedly, add Spuma after you have noticed formation of foam.

Before making the mixture, read the pesticide labels carefully and make sure no restrictions on use of additives are specified.


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