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Biospektrum WG

Plant Biostimulant - organic enriched microbiological product for spraying on soil.

Biospektrum WG - is an organic enriched microbiological product that enhances plant productivity and improves soil conditions. Billions of beneficial bacteria convert nutrients (N, P, K, Si) into plants available forms available to plants and promote their uptake, which in the long run can significantly reduce the need for synthetic mineral fertilizers.

Microorganisms mixture for soil treatment

Use of product

Microorganisms mixture for soil treatment
  • Affects the transformation of key nutrients into plant-accessible form (fixation and solubilization) and facilitates nutrition absorption.
  • Improves soil microbiological activity and humus content.
  • Acts as a biostimulant - plants grow stronger and faster, resulting in higher yields.
  • Improves soil structure.
  • Increases plants' resistance to drought and other stress factors.


Product form, composition
Directions for use




Usage time

Cereals, rape, sugar beet

0.25 kg/ha  

Spray before sowing, in sowing time or until plants cover the interrows


0.25 kg/ha

Spray or water before sowing, in sowing time or up to two weeks after germination


0.25 kg/ha

Water at the beginning of active shoot growth, repeat after reaching full root activity

Decorative plants

0,25 kg/ha or  1 g/ 1l of water

Water after seedlings/trees planting or after trees cutting

Perennial plants

1 g/ 1 l of water

Water at the beginning of rooting, repeat once in the three months


1–1.5 g/ 1 l of water

Use in germination time or for the root zone in the rooting time

Mix the required amount of BioSpektrum WG with 200-400 l of water and spray/water the soil. We recommend that you dissolve the required amount of BioSpektrum WG in a separate container with water before filling it into the sprayer.

The dissolved BioSpektrum WG shall be added as the last one, after other crop protection products and fertilizers. 

The product can be mixed with many biological products, fertilizers, and pesticides, as well as with liquid urea fertilizer unless otherwise specified by the manufacturer.

When using BioSpektrum WG with liquid urea, it is important to follow the BioSpektrum application recommendations and use the prepared solution within 6 hours from mixing.

Cultures microorganisms: Paenibacillus Azotofixans, Bacillus Megaterium, Bacillus Mucilaginosus, Bacillus Mycoides (in equal concentrations, total 1 x 10 ^ 9 CFU / g); mycorrhizal fungi (50,000 viable spores per gram); organic matter. The carrier material is dextrose.

The product contains the multicomponent bioactive complex which fixes atmospheric nitrogen, releases phosphorus, potassium, iron, silicon, zinc from insoluble compounds in soil.

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