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Biological product for organic matter decomposition

Improves the decomposition of plant residues 

organic matter decomposition

Use of product

organic matter decomposition

•    Improves plant residues degradation – soil becomes enriched with nutrients.
•    Prevents from the formation of toxins and molds.
•    Improves soil structure, physical and biological properties.
•    Increases soil functionality.

Product form, composition
Directions for use

Product form: powder

Composition: Complex of microorganisms and enzymes. 
The carrier is dextrose.

Mix the required amount of BIOSPLITO with 200-400 l of water and spray on plant

residues. The required amount of BIOSPLITO should be dissolved in a separate con-
tainer with water before filling it into the sprayer. The dissolved BIOSPLITO should be

added last, after other crop protection products and fertilizers.

The product can be mixed with many biological products, fertilizers and pesticides,
as well as with liquid urea fertilizer, unless otherwise specified by the manufacturer.
Use the prepared solution within 6 hours from mixing.
The product is classified as non-hazardous. Microorganisms can be sensitizing and
cause an allergic reaction. Wear personal protective equipment when handling the
product. Avoid contact with skin and eyes. For more detailed safety information, see
the Product Safety Data Sheet.

STORAGE CONDITIONS: The product can be stored in tightly closed, original pac-
kaging, in the dry, well ventilated, protected from direct sunlight environment for 24

months at a temperature of +5 - +30 ° C.
The product should be added to the reconstituted solution last and must be used
within 6 hours of preparation.

0.5-1 kg/ha.

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