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Bonding agent

Sprayed solution sticks better, does not bounce off as much and does not flow down from the surface of leaves, thus increases pesticide efficiency.

Application rates
Preparing and storing the solution



Application rate

Field crops

200 -300 ml/ha


250 – 300 ml/ha


100 ml/100 l of water,

Water volume: at least 400 l/ha

Recommended concentration for most solutions – 0.1%.


Fill half of the sprayer’s tank with water and turn on mixing. Following manufacturers’ recommendations, add pesticides or fertilizers. Fill the sprayer tank fully with the remaining amount of water; mix continuously. Add Glutenum as the last ingredient. 

Ready-to-use solution must be used within 24 hours. 

Before making a mixture read a pesticide label carefully and make sure no restrictions on use of additives are specified.

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