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No Bug

Controls garden plants damaging insects – aphids, blights, mites and others.

Product efficiently controls blights, aphids (lat. Aphidoidea), red spider mite,  two-spotted spider mite (lat. Tetranychus urticae), scale insects (lat. Coccoidea) and other herbivorous insects.

No Bug

Product advantages

No Bug

Product’s efficiency equally matches that of  pesticides. Product works purely in a mechanical principle: forms a silicone polymer structure on body surfaces of herbivorous insects, which tightens around them like a bubble. It immediately immobilizes pests physically, blocking their life processes. Safe for bees.

Product is used for controlling small insects and mites which damage fruit-trees, berry brushes, vegetables, decorative plants, outdoor and indoor flowers.

Product works against pests mechanically only. Sprayed product easily spreads on leaves and stems while covering feeding pests which prevents them from freely moving and feeding, resulting in their death.

Product may be sprayed together with other plant protection products: insecticides, acaricides, fungicides, as well as fertilizers which are sprayed through the leaves.


Application rates
Preparing and storing the solution

10 ml per 6.5-10 l of water.

Fill half of the sprayer’s tank with water. If it is needed, add pesticides or fertilizers. Fill the sprayer tank full with the remaining amount of water; mix continuously. Add No bug as the last ingredient.

Ready-to-use solution must be used within 24 hours.

Before preparing the mixture, carefully read the labels of the pesticides planned to be used and ensure there are no restrictions.


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