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Organosilicone wetter

Provides rainfastness to the sprayed solution – assures that time and money investments give expected results even in variable weather conditions.


Product advantages

  • Ensures excellent plant wetting, which increases pesticide effectiveness by up to 30%.
  • Allows spraying on dew – extends work hours from early morning to late evening.
  • Allows water volume reduction by up to 30%, saves time and fuel.
  • Solutions sprayed are not washed away by rain – time and money invested will generate expected results even during volatile weather conditions.

Application rates
Solution preparation and storage



Field crops

100 – 125 ml/ha with contact pesticides, micronutrients.

100 – 200 ml/ha with systemic pesticides. Very good plant wetting: 50 – 100 ml/ha


100 – 300 ml/ha



200 – 300 ml/ha

If sprayed water volume >200 l/ha, Perifolis dose is calculated in accordance with volume of water used:

  • If sprayed water volume <500 l/ha, Perifolis dose is calculated as follows:

50 ml – 100 l of water.

E.g. water sprayed - 400 l/ha, Perifolis dose 4x50 = 200 ml/ha.

  • If sprayed water volume >500 l/ha, Perifolis dose is calculated as follows:

25 ml – 100 l of water.

E.g.  water sprayed - 600 l/ha, Perifolis dose 6x25 = 150 ml/ha.

Ornamental plants

100 – 200 ml /ha 20 – 30 ml / 100 l of amount sprayed

With micronutrients

50 – 200 ml/ha


If nitrogen concentration in a spray material does not exceed 2%, Perifolis is to be used with nitrogen fertilizers:

Use Lignum product if a larger amount of a nitrogen fertilizer is applied (more than 2% in the spray material).



  • Fill a sprayer tank half full with water and turn on mixing. Following manufacturers’ recommendations add pesticides or fertilizers. Fill the sprayer tank fully with the remaining amount of water; mix continuously. Add Perifolis as the last ingredient.

  • Ready-to-use solution must be used within 24 hours.

  • Before making a mixture read a pesticide label carefully and make sure no restrictions on the use of additives are specified.

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