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Product for manure management

Complex microbiological product for manure and slurry management, organic residue mineralization, and ammonia gas emission reduction  

manure cows live stock


manure cows live stock
  • Oxidizes ammonia and sulfur compounds.

  • Accelerates the degradation of the manure solid fraction.

  • Mineralizes organic materials.

  • Inhibits the growth of pathogenic bacteria.

  • Absorbs unpleasant odors.

Usage rates
Storage conditions and shelf life

Manure system Application rate Frequency of use
Barn 3-7 g / cattle / 5 m2 Per week
Slurry storage* 15 g/m3 1 time / 10 days

*Initially use 2-5 times higher application rates.        

Bacillus bacteria, ammonia and hydrogen sulphide oxidizing bacteria, fungal microorganisms, enzymes, moisture absorbents, prebiotics, plant extracts, osmoregulation.        

In original packaging indoors can be stored for 12 months at +5 - + 25 ° C.