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TK 175 (FAO 165)

Maize hybrid for grain growing

Very early three - way cross (TC) hybrid for grain and silage growing.

maize hybrid for grain and silage growing


maize hybrid for grain and silage growing

It is especially early hybrid, developed by Hungarian breeders.

The hybrid is undemanding for heat; therefore, it is ideally suitable to grow in the colder weather regions. It can be sowed especially early as features exceptional cold tolerance and quickly germinates even in the cold soil (when temperature of the soil increases only up to +6°C).

Due to good early development, very early blooming, quick formation of the dry mass and especially quick drying, the hybrid can be harvested without drying out. It is compact hybrid. Regardless short vegetation period, the grain harvest is much larger than that of the „common-class“ ones.

It tolerates stresses and features perfect characteristics related to assimilation of water and nutritional materials; can grow in high density of plants. It has strong stem and roots, and is especially resistant to diseases.

Characteristics of the grain and cob
Plant density
  • Cone - cylinder shape,
  • grain lines: 14 – 16,
  • cob core colour red,
  • grain type: semi - dent,
  • grain colour: yellow,
  • TGM (1 000 grain weight): 290-321 g,
  • hectoliter weight: 78-82 kg/hl,
  • average content of proteins: 10,3 %,
  • average content of the starch: 68,7 %,
  • average content of oil: 4,45 %.

The height of the hybrid is about 250 cm.


Suggested plant density: 65 -75 thousand of plants / ha.

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