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Microbiological product for seed treatment

Promotes seed germination and plant development

Microbiological product for seed treatment

Use of product

Microbiological product for seed treatment

The impact of microorganisms, contained in BioStart:
•    Increases plants vitality, the plants are less susceptible to diseases.
•    Stimulates root system development.
•    Increases winter crops resistance to winter, promotes their vegetation in the spring.
•    Improves plant resistance to drought and other stress sources.
•    Increases soil biological activity.


Product form
Directions for use

Product form - liquid.






1–2 l/t, general amount of solution 10 L/t


seed treatment


Fabaceae (peas, beens and other)

0.5–1 l/t, general amount of solution 10 L/t

Potatoes and other vegetables

100–200 ml/100 kg, general solution 3 L/100 kg


10–20 ml /10 kg, general solution to be 0.3 L/ 10 kg

tubers, seedlings and other planting material


Shake well before use.

Disperse the necessary amount of product in water and coat the mixture on seeds. The product may be mixed with other biological products, fertilizers and pesticides unless the manufacturer indicates contrary.

Treated, 12–14 % humidity seeds may be stored up to the month, avoiding fluctuations of temperature.

Once the product is diluted it should be used within 6 hours.

Composition: microorganisms: Bacillus spp. and other PGPR* spp., Trichoderma spp., mycorrhizal fungi (colony forming units min. 109 CFU ml). 
* - plant growth promoting rhizobacteria, which creates symbiotic relationships with plants

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