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Dorka MGT (FAO 175)

Maize hybrid for grain

Very early three-way cross (TC) hybrid for grain and silage growing.

Maize hybrid for grain


Maize hybrid for grain

Its early development is very fast with quick dry matter incorporation and fast dry down.

It has strong stalk and root system while its disease and drought tolerance are excellent.

Well adapting to different environments. The ear coverage by kernels is full even under purer production condition.

Characteristics of the grain and cob
Plant density

Characteristics of the grain and cob are as follows:

  • Cone - cylinder shape,
  • grain lines: 16 -18,
  • cob core colour red,
  • grain type: semi - dent,
  • grain colour: yellow,
  • TGM (1 000 grain weight): 300 - 310 g,
  • hectoliter weight: 79kg / hl,
  • average content of proteins: 9,4 %,
  • average content of the starch: 73%,
  • average content of oil: 3,2 %.

The height of the hybrid is about 248-276 cm.

Suggested plant density: 65 -75 thousand of plants / ha.

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