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Smart Contact

Silicone and acryl mixture

Smart contact used with contact fungicides and insecticides and for sealing rape siliques.

rape sealing

Product advantages

rape sealing

Smart contact when used with contact fungicides and insecticides:

  • Reduces solution's surface tension resulting in enhanced solution penetration, improved sticking and spread across plant's surface.
  • Solution covers not only plants but also insects, which is especially important if contact insecticides are used.
  • It forms a microfilm on the surface of plants/insects which retains active agents better and ensures their efficiency.
  • The solution containing Smart Contact fills rough spots on the plants surface and insects very quickly, thus the solution is protected from being washed away by the rain.
  • Smart Contact additive increases the size of drops being sprayed resulting in drift reduction.

Smart contact when used for sealing rape siliques:

  • Spray material ensures excellent siliques wetting.
  • Siliques mature evenly.
  • Evenly formed microfilm reduces siliques self-opening:
    • fewer seeds lost, yield preserved;
    • amount of windfalls reduced.
  • Possible to use with desiccants and defoliants.
Application rates
Solution preparation and storage



Field crops

125 – 250 ml/ha with contact pesticides, 250 ml/ha with systemic pesticides.


100 – 300 ml/ha


50 ml/100 l of water; water volume at least 400 l/ha

Sealing rape siliques

400 ml/1ha; water volume at least 200 l/ha.

Usage period: plants being at BBCH 81-85 stages: 10-50% of rape seeds are black and hard; siliques are flexible and do not crack upon bending into U-form.

Drift reduction

25 – 50 ml/100 l of water

  • Fill a sprayer tank half full with water and turn on mixing. Following manufacturers’ recommendations add pesticides or fertilizers. Fill the sprayer tank fully with the remaining amount of water; mix continuously. Add Smart contact as the last ingredient.
  • Ready-to-use solution must be used within 24 hours.
  • Before making a mixture read a pesticide label carefully and make sure no restrictions on use of additives are specified.

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