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TK 195 (FAO 220)

Maize hybrid for grain and silage growing

Registered in EU in 2012, three way cross hybrid.

maize seeds for silage


maize seeds for silage

Yielding outstandingly, three way cross hybrid which can be considered for silage production, as well.

It has compact type of ear with very good ear ratio and consequently high quality silage can be produced with this product. As for grain it is represented by fast dry matter incorporation and excellent dry down.

Its adaptability is excellent to lower and better technology level. It has strong stalk and root system and good disease tolerance. 

Characteristics of the grain and cob
Suggested plant density
  • Cone - cylinder shape,
  • grain lines: 14-18,
  • cob core colour: red,
  • grain type: semi-dent,
  • grain colour yellow,
  • TGM (1 000 grain weight): 292 – 318 g,
  • hectoliter weight: 78-80 kg / hl,
  • average content of proteins: 9,27 %,
  • average content of the starch: 68,0 %,
  • average content of oil: 4,3%.

The height of the hybrid is about 245 - 264 cm

  • Suggested plant density for grain: 65 - 70 thousand of plants / ha.
  • Suggested plant density for silage: 70 - 75 thousand of plants / ha.

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