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TK 202 (FAO 200)

Maize hybrid for grain and silage

Early four-way cross (DC) hybrid for grain and silage

maize for grain and silage


maize for grain and silage

Registered in 2012

Due to cold tolerance and intensive growing during the early period, it can be sowed very early and also harvested very early without drying out.

The hybrid ideally suits for particularly early silage yield. Plants grow high and feature perfect proportion of the green mass and cobs assuring the highest-class silage. Especially resistant to diseases.

The hybrid is not sensitive to stresses, easily adapts to various agro-climatic conditions. It forms abundant roots, which feature perfect characteristics related to assimilation of water and nutritional materials. Strong stem and high located additional roots allow receiving abundant high-quality harvest even in case of dense crop.

Characteristics of the grain and cob
Crop density
  • cone - cylinder shape,
  • grain lines: 14-16,
  • cob core colour: red,
  • grain type: semi-dent,
  • grain colour yellow,
  • TGM (1 000 grain weight): 300 – 318 g,
  • hectoliter weight: 78-80 kg / hl,
  • average content of proteins: 9,8 %,
  • average content of the starch: 70,8 %,
  • average content of oil: 4,53 %.

The height of the hybrid is about 268-284 cm.

Suggested plant density: 65 - 75 thousand of plants / ha.

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