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JSC „Nando” is a Lithuanian-capital enterprise, which started its activity in 2007.

The company, since its establishment, has been supplying chemical raw substances for various sectors, including the food industry, manufacturing of cosmetics, household chemicals, pharmacy, paints and vanish, and metal processing. Simultaneously, the company has been developing the area of consulting services.

JSC „Nando” has been providing scientific consulting and has carried out research in the area of chemistry. The development of innovative chemical products proposed for the agricultural sector and improving agricultural efficiency was started in 2009. Currently a significant portion of JSC „Nando” activities are focused on sales of agricultural products and their development and improvement. The company offers consulting services to its clients, provides technological advice for farmers, distributors, and suppliers in Western Europe. Currently the company has four groups of products for the agricultural market: surfactants, amino acids, corn and wheat seeds and preparations with microorganisms.

JSC „Nando” not only operates in Lithuania but has also developed exports to Latvia, Estonia, Belorussia, Russia, Georgia, Azerbaijan, and Poland.

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agriculture products

In 2011, JSC Nando” created and commercialized two new surfactant-based chemical additives – Lignum and Periterra. These two products are proposed for the agriculture. Lignum and Perittera are the different-type of additives proposed for pesticides are the only ones being produced in Lithuania. All other similar products are imported into the Lithuanian market.

In 2012, the company implemented the EU funded project “Development of MTTP infrastructure in JSC „Nando” in order to extend research of products supplied to the market“. In the process of the project, the technological equipment was bought and adapted to the development of new products. Since the beginning of the project, the prototypes of new products were created. Due to this, the company created and commercialized the new product – Lignum Plus.

Since December 2013, JSC „Nando” started implementing the new project “MTTP innovations introducing new products to the market“ funded under the first priority measure “Intelektas LT“ of the Economics Growth Action Programme. During the project, technology for the development of new products will be researched in detail. It has been foreseen to develop two growth stimulators of agricultural products (one synthetic and one of natural base) and an environmentally friendly surfactant of natural origin. When carrying out research, there will be wide cooperation with various scientific institutions, and the potential of the human resources of the enterprise to be extended. Developed products should fill in empty places in both Lithuanian and foreign markets, and contribute to the growth of the enterprise‘s exports, and in general activate growth of the sectors of agriculture and chemistry in Lithuania.

scientific innovation

Scientific innovation

scientific innovation

Due to consistent work research and product development, innovative products, timely technological support and excellent logistics, the company provides comprehensive support to its partners and clients both in Lithuania and abroad.

The company employs a strong team of scientists and agronomists to develop new products and perform detailed analyzes of products delivered to the market. Cooperation with the Lithuanian Agricultural Science Institutions allows to solve the urgent issues and provide qualified answers to farmers.

social responsibility

Social responsibility

social responsibility

The concept of corporate social responsibility is a coherent and long-term strategy of operation, which Nando is guided in its everyday activities. Socially responsible activities for us are ethical behavior with employees, clients (market), society and the environment.