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Microorganisms mixture for soil treatment

Strengthens plants' resistance to drought and other stresses

Microorganisms mixture for soil treatment

Use of product

Microorganisms mixture for soil treatment

•    Works as a biostimulant – plants become stronger and grow faster, this results in a higher yield.
•    Increases plants vitality – the plants become less susceptible to diseases.
•    Plants with better nutrient composition.
•    Improves soil biological activity.
•    Increases soil nutrients in accessible form for the plants.

Product form, composition
Directions for use

Product form: Liquid,

Composition: Bacillus spp., Thiobacillus spp., Azotobacter spp. and other. PGPR spp., mycorrhizal fungi,

Fe, Zn, S releasing bacterias (colony forming units min 109 CFU ml), seaweed extract, organic matter.



Usage time

Cereals, rape, sugar beet

0.25–0.5 l/ha 

Spray before sowing, in sowing time or until plants cover the interrows


0.25–0.5 l/ha

Spray or water before sowing, in sowing time or up to two weeks after germination


0.25–0.5 l/ t of water

Water in the beginning of active shoot growth, repeat after reaching full root activity

Decorative plants

0.5 l/ha arba

1 ml/ 1 l of water

water after seedlings/trees planting or after trees cutting

Perennial plants

1 ml/ 1 l of water

Water in the beginning of rooting, repeat once in the three months


1–1.5 ml/ 1 l of water

Use in germination time or for the root zone in the rooting time

  • Shake well before use. Dissolve the necessary amount of product in 200-400 l/ha of water and spray the solution on the soil before sowing or after plant germination till the plants do not cover the soil.
  • The product may be mixed with other biological products, fertilizers, and pesticides unless the manufacturer indicates contrary.
  • Recommended planned spray components of a mixture to check mixing in a small quantity of water. After preparing the solution, use within 6 hours following its preparation.
  • In original packaging and closed indoors can be consideret 24 months, +5 - +30 C.

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